Temporary Buildings Reviews

What our clients say

“To be able to help our new customer achieve the cost savings they were looking for and deliver a superior service within the tight timeframe was imperative to us.   Choosing the Aganto temporary building has enabled us to achieve this.”

“Compared to our original thoughts about a permanent warehouse extension, we have also made significant cost savings and the flexibility from choosing a temporary building means we can re-sell it back to Aganto should the additional space be no longer needed.   In the circumstances it has been the ideal solution, effectively meeting everyone’s need and objectives.”

Chris WardThomas Hardy

“We chose a temporary building to avoid long term financial risk, to sweat the asset. The benefit to our business is huge; extra capacity, extra options, the ability to grow without the risk of taking on a facility.

“The price was keen, the quality excellent, and the people fantastic. We are extremely happy with the Aganto experience- so much so we couldn’t wait to show the pictures off and tell our own customers about the new pop up warehouse!”

Peter MastersManaging DirectorMini Clipper

“Aganto seemed to be offering just what we needed and in the time we needed it, allowing the team to continue training without interruption before and after our relocation. Seeing the other, recent, similar gym was a great help too – there didn’t seem to be much ‘temporary’ about it to be honest!”

Jason LoubserCEOLondon Broncos

“The initial discussions we had internally described these storage solutions as ‘tents.’ It’s fair to say the word ‘tents’ is not an accurate description. The high quality of the units, coupled with the fantastic approach and hygienic standards that they were installed within, offer us an alternative solution for material storage without compromising the quality of our products, nor impacting our day-to-day running.”

“We now have high quality buildings that allow us to store packaging materials in there to ensure we maintain business as usual on our other production lines. The quality of the materials isn’t in doubt due the excellent insulation offered by the units.

Aganto have transformed the dead space of our yard into essential operational space.”

“I can’t recommend Aganto enough, from the pre-site visits and quotations through to the smooth handover of the units themselves, it would be a pleasure to offer further work to Aganto should the opportunity arise in the future.”

Dave StratfordBritvic

“What was unique about Aganto was they actually delivered on promises! They were quick, efficient with good commercials. We needed additional warehouse space and fast- and we got it. Aganto really did deliver.”

Tim WrightManaging DirectorTruckwright

“Although the third party storage was only 12 miles away it was on the other side of Leeds meaning we were continually fighting traffic.  Bringing all our secondary products on site was the obvious answer but we didn’t want to commit long term to a solution in case it didn’t work.”

“Andy Butters reassured us from the word go that we were dealing with the experts and the end results reflects that.    Not only has the warehouse significantly reduced costs and increased efficiencies, but it has surprised and impressed the company Directors who came for a VIP visit recently!”

Jason MorrisonDespatch ManagerArla

Aganto were responsive, client focussed and delivered. From my initial enquiry Aganto listened to our problem and provided the perfect solution even handling our shelving and electrical requirements. The response was immediate and we progressed from that first call to a complete usable building in what seemed like no time at all.

“Moving into an unfamiliar sector can be problematic but Aganto’s emphasis on service and attention to detail gave us complete confidence. Importantly to a company like ours so involved with environmental issues, we were incredibly encouraged to learn that Aganto’s structures are also completely recyclable and that Aganto incorporate this fact into their own environmental policy, something that we paid particular attention too.”

Chris JamesManaging DirectorWaste Reduction

“We contacted a few other temporary building companies for comparative quotes, but found their responses to be just nameless, faceless sales pitches. Aganto however had the personal and professional approach we always look for in a supplier and the fact they were local was an added bonus.

“The whole process from initial enquiry through to installation was seamless and we are very happy with the end result. The storage building provides ideal protection for the damaged vehicles ensuring they are safe and secure whilst on site and we have the flexibility of returning the building after 2 years or keeping it for longer depending on our needs at the time.”

Ian LewisFacilities ManagerThatcham

A temporary storage building met all our requirements at a fraction of the cost of a permanent building. The speed and ease with which the building was transported and erected also meant that it was available to use almost immediately.

“Going forward, the modular construction makes the building equally simple to dismantle and relocate to one of our other sites across the UK or Europe in the future if necessary, giving us maximum flexibility for minimum investment.

Roger BlackwellEngineering ManagerShanks

As the fire had not affected the retail store we were determined to continue with business as usual. With the aid of a temporary building we were able to maximise our stock levels in a short period of time and mitigate the impact on our customers and our business.

The speed and professionalism with which Aganto responded to our enquiry was very impressive and its experience in such circumstances proved invaluable in allowing us to resume trading with the minimum delay and disruption.

James EvansDirector