Temporary Fire Stations

Temporary fire stations

Aganto have a long and proven record as the primary supplier of temporary fire stations during PFI, rebuild and refurbishment projects. 

Aganto’s fire stations are now an enviable prototype which is why most Fire and Rescue Service and contractors make Aganto their first point of call.

What is an Aganto temporary fire station building?

  • Our temporary fire station buildings are adapted to meet the precise criteria required for an operational station including rapid rise doors with a traffic light system and Aganto’s specialist sub-frame.
  • Temporary fire stations are available for short or long-term hire. They don’t require any foundations on level hard standing so build time is extremely fast.
  • Buildings are insulated and are supplied with an exhaust extraction system and the ability to link to portable offices and other spaces.

How will an Aganto fire station building help the community?

  • Temporary fire stations ensure the critical emergency response can continue at full strength while improvement projects are carried out.
  • The same risk profile area, community safety activities and service delivery can be retained for the project duration. 
  • The huge time and cost issues of decamping off-site are avoided.
  • Aganto’s temporary fire stations are an affordable option that helps keep projects running on time and within budget.

What our customers say about our fire station buildings

“Using Aganto’s technical knowledge and ability has allowed us to develop a blueprint for temporary fire stations which can be used for future PFI projects. Installing a temporary fire station on site as opposed to relocating, whilst being challenging, has saved time and expenditure and allowed the service to retain the same level of emergency response. We retain our location in the same risk profile area with community safety activities and service delivery being unaffected"
Phil Smith - PFI Project Liaison Manager
Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service
“The temporary fire station building provided met our budgetary needs perfectly and was installed and dismantled very quickly, with minimum disruption. During the whole process Aganto were exemplary in terms of professionalism, quality, care and attention.”
Mark Tribble - Project Surveyor
Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

Download the Aganto temporary fire station brochure  then contact us to discuss your specific requirements