Aganto’s range of temporary buildings

All our buildings are available for hire or purchase, can usually be installed on site in under a week and can be used short term or as an alternative to a permanent building. 

Aganto temporary buildings are German engineered and the highest quality structure of their type available, meeting the required British Standard (BS6399) for structural safety.

Canopy Range
Project Range
Insulated Range

Temporary building types

Canopy Range
One of the most effective and affordable ways of keeping the wet off goods, materials and operations. Often used in goods in/out operations, our commercial canopies can easily accommodate double deck trailers.
More about commercial canopies

Protect Range
A non-insulated temporary building that provides excellent protection for ambient storage or activities that don’t require a temperature controlled environment such as waste processing.
Find out more about the non-insulated temporary buildings

Insulate Range
Our insulated range of buildings control temperature and minimise condensation making them ideal for storing more sensitive goods, working environments or public facilities.
More about Insulated temporary buildings or view our storage buildings page here.

Temporary building features

All our ranges have the following features:

  • Sizes range from 5m – 30m widths, eave height from 4m to 6m and unlimited length in 5m spans.
  • German engineered industrial aluminium frame with a 10 year guarantee and meeting BS6399.
  • Buildings are quick and easy to transport, install, dismantle, relocate, modify and extend.
  • A range of vehicle and pedestrian doors to choose from.
  • Buildings can be linked together or to existing structures. See more
  • Optional extras include lighting, guttering, heating, flooring and windows.
  • Buildings are anchored down to existing hard standing.
  • The roof system lets in a high degree of natural light.
  • Buildings have a high reusability and recycling properties.

“I have worked with Aganto on a number of temporary building projects and have no hesitation in recommending the Aganto temporary buildings in terms of stability, durability and quality."
Jason Allen - Project Manager, Strategic Projects Division, Thomas Vale Construction PLC.

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