Commercial buildings installed in 4 days

Temporary buildings are fast, easy and economical to build as they don’t require any foundations. The unique and non-disruptive method of construction involves anchoring the buildings down to existing hard ground using base plates and ground anchors. 

The following shows a temporary building construction process step by step, which, for an average sized temporary building, takes just 4 days.

Construction process for a temporary building

  • The Site Manager and crew arrive on site, go through the induction process, site health and safety adherence and any site specific requirements.
  • Plant and building arrive on site, both being checked by the Site Manager and unloaded ready for use.
  • Aganto toolbox talk with the Site Manager and crew discussing the main issues of the project prior to build and each morning thereafter covering daily issues such as the weather or site restrictions.
  • The site where the temporary building construction is going to be is measured out so the base plates can be fixed accordingly. Base plates are put into place and bolted down with ground anchors or bolts.
  • An up-lift test is carried out on the base plates to ensure they comply with calculations and can resist the maximum expected uplift force.
  • The frame is laid out and pinned to the base plates.
  • The frame is lifted into place one bay at a time, using the correct certified lifting machinery.
  • The industrial grade insulated PVC roofing is fitted one bay at a time, with no requirement for high level roof access.
  • Walls are clad with first two layers fixed around the whole of the building and then each bay completed to eave height.
  • Doors are put in place along with any other additional systems and components such as guttering, flooring and lighting.
  • All the above temporary building construction processes are overseen and checked by the Project Site Manager who will carry out a thorough final check prior to handover.
  • Handover is carried out between the Aganto Site Manager and customer and includes instructions on operation and maintenance.

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