Aganto prefabricated buildings - more space in just 4 days

Get more space in a matter of days with an Aganto prefab buildingA prefabricated building provides more on site space for a variety of uses and are available to buy or hire

What is an Aganto prefabricated building?

  • Engineered with an industrial aluminium frame
  • Available in 5-30m spans, unlimited length and up to 6m eave
  • Ideal for storage, warehousing, workshops or loading areas
  • Suitable for basic weather protection through to chilled storage
  • Easy and quick to transport, install, dismantle, remove, relocate or modify
  • Can be used short term or as an alternative to a permanent building

How can a prefabricated building from Aganto help your business?

  • A building can be built on your site in 4 days requiring minimal labour, equipment and material costs
  • The build process is fast and easy so won’t impact on your daily operation
  • Once dismantled and removed there will be no evidence of the buildings existence
  • You won’t need any expensive foundations or ground preparation
  • Hire a building and avoid large, risky capital expenditure
  • Or buy and use instead of a permanent building, achieving up to 70% cost savings

Aganto prefab buildings - what people say...

Leading Builders Merchants, Travis Perkins, use Aganto buildings throughout their sites as an alternative to permanent building solutions. This achieves the company major savings in terms of cost and time and ensures fast, efficient responses to business and customer needs.

“Travis Perkins currently has seven Aganto temporary buildings in various sites throughout the country serving as storage or recycling units. Their ability to deliver and install these temporary buildings so quickly has helped our business time and time again, keeping operations efficient and customers impressed by rapid response times. As a company we are complete converts to temporary buildings and wouldn't recommend using any other provider than Aganto.”
John Burgoyne - Maintenance Surveyor, Travis Perkins

For advice and information call Aganto on 0808 231 8878 Or arrange a site visit.