Warehouse buildings - Aganto’s Insulate Range

If you need a temperature controlled building, then our Insulate range of temporary buildings are for you. Available in days and for as long as you need, these buildings are ideal for temparature controlled storage, chilled warehouses, workshops, retail space and other public facilities.

Temporary warehouse buildings - Insulate Range dimensions

Widths 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m
Eave height 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m
Length Any length in 5m multiples

Roof, wall systems and additional services for warehouse buildings

Roof A unique PVC Polyester membrane envelope that is inflated to create insulating properties. As with our single skin roof, it is easy to clean, durable, flame retardant and creates a natural light.
Walls Polymer Composite Insulated Wall Panels - Creates a good level of insulation with an even finish, longevity and a choice of colours. Designed with simplicity in mind, they are simple to install and easy to clean, remove, replace or reverse. Insulated Steel Sandwich Walling - More suitable to a longer term solution or a facility that requires a higher degree of temperature control but with an equally attractive finish and durability.
Optional extras Pedestrian & vehicle doors, lighting, guttering, temperature control, power distribution, flooring.

Key Features of Temporary Warehouses

  • Strong and durable aluminium frame with a 10 year guarantee
  • Snow and wind loadings to BS6399
  • All roof, wall and floor systems conform to British Fire & Safety codes
  • Insulate temporary warehouse buildings are anchored down to level hard standing without needing foundations
  • Easy to extend, modify, dismantle or relocate
  • Coloured roof and wall options
  • Buildings can be linked together or to existing structures
  • PVC roof provides high degree of natural light

What people say...

“The warehouse building used as a trading store at Fakenham is the first of its kind for our company and we are confident it will provide a fast and healthy return with future new sites being developed in the same way." Graham Lund - Group Building Surveyor, Travis Perkins.

Discover how an Aganto insulated warehouse building can provide cost-effective and durable protection for your goods or operations - talk to an expert today