Temporary buildings for sale

Many businesses are now choosing to buy temporary buildings and use them instead of more permanent structures, achieving major time and cost savings in the process.

They can do this because, although classed as temporary due to the ability to relocate them, temporary buildings meet the required British Standard for structural safety – BS6399, which means they can withstand the UK’s maximum snow and wind loadings and can therefore be used long-term.

A temporary building isn’t always suitable for long-term use, especially if there is any significant heating in the building. For storage, workshops and warehousing, or just to provide weather protection however there are many examples in the UK of buildings being in situ and still going strong after twenty plus.

The benefits of buying a temporary building

If your need is permanent you can purchase a temporary building and used it instead of a more traditional structure achieving huge cost and time savings.

  • Avoid the cost, delay and disruption of laying foundations associated with permanent buildings
  • As our temporary buildings are totally demountable they will remain an asset and can be relocated or resold if no longer needed
  • To keep our purchase contracts flexible we offer a buy-back option
  • Take advantage of our maintenance support and other additional services such as relocation, servicing, or modifications
  • If you want a temporary building purchase contract but don't have the capital, you can hire the building until budget comes available

The table below shows how temporary buildings compare with traditional and steel buildings in terms of cost, speed and flexibility.

Traditional buildings Steel buildings Temporary buildings
Lead times Typically 6 months + Typically 8 – 10 weeks Typically 2 - 3 weeks
Ground works needed Yes Yes No - not on level hard standing
Level of disruption High Medium Minimal – just 3 to 4 days for build
Hire options available Yes – through leasing commercial property Sometimes Yes – with even faster installation from our hire stock
Level of investment and financial commitment needed High Medium - ground works increase price significantly Low – affordable monthly hire costs or purchase and save up to 70% compared to a permanent structure
Re-locatable No Sometimes , but leave ground works and need additional ground preparation on new site Yes, can be dismantled and relocated to a new site in days
Meet the required British Standards for Structural Safety Yes Yes Yes
Insulation options Yes Yes Yes
Can link to existing structures Yes Yes Yes

Aganto can provide a temporary building for sale or hire to meet your needs in terms of space and technical specification.

On a budget? See information about used temporary buildings for sale here.