The pros of prefabricated building construction methods

Construction methods for prefabricated buildings can create many advantages for the manufacturer and also the end user. In the main these are based around building in a controlled environment as opposed to on-site which in term affects things like waste, quality, lead-times and disruption on-site once the construction process actually commences. Buying or hiring any … Read more

Fight the war on waste with aluminium warehouse buildings

With the Government’s recent announcement on Mandatory Carbon Reporting commencing next year for all listed companies, it’s clear that environmental regulations are going to keep tightening. One way to start reducing your business waste is to bring waste management programmes in-house and an ideal way to trial this is by hiring an aluminium warehouse building. … Read more

The new flexible friend

Is a new flexible friend helping UK industry stay responsive to erratic consumer demand and economic fragility? Aluminium framed industrial buildings, are they the new flexible friend? You could argue that the media is one of the causes of recession and economic turmoil, reporting endlessly on the ups and downs of the national and global … Read more