Running out of warehousing space?

If you are running out of warehousing space, what are the options to increase space quickly and cost-effectively, without investing in a new permanent warehouse building? Read more to find out what areas to review and where improvements can be made. What do you do if warehousing space is getting tight? If warehouse space is … Read more

Seeing is believing

Sounds a bit over the top when all you’re talking about is an industrial temporary building! Industrial temporary buildings however can create an inaccurate perception of inferior quality, grubby industrial marquees or crinkly tin sheds. This is often simply due to the word ‘temporary’ being used to describe them. In reality this word reflects the … Read more

Industrial units on the move

Industrial units usually bring to mind a static industrial unit on an industrial estate with space to lease for warehousing. Ideally close to your own site to keep transport costs and hassle low. Now there is another type of industrial unit which can be available immediately, but more importantly located anywhere you want. Aluminium framed … Read more

Need more warehouse space?

If things are getting a bit tight in your existing warehouse, you might be looking for additional warehouse space. Traditionally businesses have sourced warehouse space off site, leasing space in large industrial units. This is great as once you have found the right amount of warehouse space in the right location you’re good to go, … Read more

Temporary building lifespan?

Temporary buildings, just how long do they last..? A very good question and one that is asked frequently as the word ‘temporary’ can have different meanings to many. The answer is indefinitely, fully complying with British Standards for structural safety (BS6399). If these temporary buildings do have this degree of permanence, why do they come … Read more