All roads lead to Rome

Positioned perfectly on the compass rose of all North, South, East, West major road routes, including the A34 and M4, Aganto’s new head office h… The growth of the UK’s leading temporary building supplier has meant additional staff have been recruited both in-house and on-site due to the amount of orders being taken on a … Read more

Hiring a temporary building-top tips

With the temporary buildings market becoming more populated with marquee companies branching out into long-term storage and manufacturers delivering direct to end user customers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to make an informed choice on who is the right temporary building provider and what is the right building for them. Deciding how much … Read more

The Mini Revolution

The new Mini Warehouse is an economic and practical alternative to a shipping container. Read more about this new storage solution and how it is different. Taking over a storm, re-inventing the yards of men all over the UK, no more trawling off-site…the Mini Warehouse Rental Company has arrived! Brought to you by Aganto, the … Read more